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GP referrals and advice

  • Emergency referrals or those to the ENT emergency clinic may be discussed with the ENT SHO on-call (via switchboard 0115 9249924)

  • F12 function in Choose and Book provides most up to date information about referral guidelines

  • We work strictly within NHS funding guidelines. Please ensure that referrals meet criteria such as those in the Procedures of Limited Clinical Value Guidelines and that we receive sufficient information that allows us to confirm that funding criteria for surgery are met.

  • Our departmental guidelines are available on the NUH guidelines app, available free on your smart phone. A compendium of ENT UK guidelines is available on

GP and audiology referrals for cochlear and middle ear implants

These can be done directly to Nottingham Auditory Implant Programme (click link). 

Basic ENT Skills Training course

This is a one day course aimed at doctors new to ENT.  Lectures and hands on experience will be provided on common ENT conditions focusing on  emergencies such as nose bleeds / cautery, microsuction, flexible nasoendoscopy, airway management, tonsillitis and drainage of quinsy.

Please contact to book a place.

Management of ENT emergencies

  • Please refer to the following document

Our top tips for best patient care

+Dont miss sudden sensorineural hearing loss, steroids should be given ASAP. Consider the diagnosis and refer to SHO on call

+Refer in accordance to Procedures of Limited Clinical Value guidance

+Read F12 for guidance on referrals

+Look at our Departmental guidelines on the NUH guidelines app, available free on your smart phone

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