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Nottingham ENT has extremely close research links with The University of Nottingham and the Biomedical Research Centre (BRC).  


There is an extensive research program in the department, across the various ENT subspecialties. We publish numerous papers in peer reviewed journals, and present our work at national and international scientific meetings.  With the BRC,  innovation and internationally competitive translational research is conducted in hearing-related research.

We are amongst the most research-active departments in the country, and our consultants play key roles in ENT research in the UK and abroad. Many of our surgical trainees engage in research projects and achieve a PhD in addition to their clinical qualification. We collaborate with local research units as well as other departments world-wide, and take part in national audits and clinical trial.

Below are a few examples of our work.

Research studies currently under way


Please also look at research being conducted at University of Nottingham Otology and Hearing Group

Recently completed trials

The Quest In Eliminating Tinnitus (QUIET-1)

What is important to parents of children with Glue Ear

Hearing and Listening in children with Glue Ear

Upcoming studies

Glue Ear Core Outcome Set (GECOS)

Laryngomalacia Core Outcome Set (LaCOS)

MACRO trial. “Defining best Management for Adults with Chronic RhinOsinusitis”.

Research Projects

Functional near-infrared spectroscopy to assess hearing

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