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Due to the current difficulties the audiology department is facing with the recent Covid-19 epidemic, changes have been made to reduce patient contact to ensure the safety of both our patients, and our staff. Due to this, all scheduled appointments have been postponed, however, we will continue to provide as much audiological care as possible using a non-contact approach


The audiology department at Ropewalk House remains open, and drop offs are being accepted for routine hearing aid maintenance, including issuing of batteries, replacement of faulty hearing aids, and re-tubing. To arrange this, contact the department on:
T: 0115 9194488



For any issue where it is not possible to complete hearing aid maintenance at home, the department can be contacted through the above means and further assistance can be arranged.
For those that have previously been seen for hearing aid management at home, either due to significant illness or physical difficulty in attending clinics at Ropewalk House, visits from your audiologist are restricted to a non-patient contact delivery service. Should you have any concerns regarding your hearing aids, contact us on the above details, and a postal service, or drop-off service will be arranged.

Useful videos (please click on type of hearing aid):

1. Custom mould

2. Open fit

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